The Dog's Side Guide To Selecting The "Perfect" Family Dog

The Dog's Side Guide To Selecting The "Perfect" Family Dog


Have you been Googling day and night to learn all you can in preparation for your next dog or your first dog? Questions like what kind of dog should I choose, what breed is best for my family, what age dog will best fit my lifestyle, should I adopt or buy from a breeder? Let me start by saying, I applaud your proactiveness!

You want to add a dog to your life that brings happiness, not days spent asking “why did I do this?” After being a professional dog behaviorist for 12 years I hear this exact statement a lot, I’m sad to say. Often my clients who had not taken the time to educate themselves before they added a dog, have suffered the unintended consequences later like dog and people aggression, separation anxiety, and more.

Now it is time to breath because - Relief is here: all your questions have been answered in the comprehensive guide The Dog’s Side Handbook To Selecting The “Perfect” Family Dog. After 12 years of experience solving behavior problems owners face everyday, I help answer all the most pressing questions you feel, and more importantly, dive into the questions you may not have thought of that can lead to years of struggle and frustration and not wonderful days strolling in the park.

I cover important life-saving topics like: the best age to choose for you, exercise routines and energy levels, characteristics (like size, breed, hair length, hypoallergenic, etc.), predictable and unpredictable expenses, nutrition, choosing professionals like vets - groomers - dog walkers and boarding, avoiding the trap of getting a dog that looks like your previous dog, how fast should you get a dog, deciding if you should foster first, and so much more.

42% of dogs get returned within the first few months after being adopted from a shelter and million die every year. It's imperative that you find the right dog for your lifestyle, because dogs pay the ultimate price if it doesn’t work out. For a small tax deductible donation I share my 12 years of professional experience to help you find, choose, and bring happiness to a wonderful canine companion for your life.

After you complete this informative ebook you will have the skills needed to confidently select a dog that brings years and years of joy to you both.


I’m so thankful our family took the time to educate ourselves before we adopted Teddy. We watched owners everyday in our neighborhood struggle with leash reactivity, aggression, and loads of other behavior problems and we wanted to avoid that. We are so appreciative Gary took the time to create this ebook so we could be set up for success from the beginning. The Reineer Family

Today we brought home the most wonderful dog for our family. We had made the mistake the first time around choosing a dog based on looks and not on what best fit our growing family. Looks fade but a deep connection last forever we learned. Our family is so thankful for the information in this ebook because we learned the mistakes we made the first time and we didn’t want to make them again. Kelly and Dan

We met Gary while he was walking his three dogs downtown. After a brief conversation we knew we needed his help with our unruly dog. After the 30 minutes we realized we made an impulsive decision to get our dog and chose a dog that was not what fit our skill level as first time dog owners. We learned in our consultation the skills needed for a great future, but after years of a struggle, stress and fear, that could have been avoided. If we had this ebook before we adopted Sasha we would have made a decision that was better for the both of us. Since we have committed ourselves to doing what is right for Sasha we have seen tremendous changes in our behavior and hers. We have learned a lot, but when we adopt our next dog we will use the skills we learned from Gary and this ebook to make a better more conscious choice for our family. Debra and Thomas

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Table of Contents

  • Why Do We Want a Dog?

  • Commitment To Exercise. Your activity level and choosing the right dog for it.

  • He looks just like Buster. Are memories of a previous dog impairing judgment of a new dog?

  • Take Your Time. Patience now can lead to years of enjoyment.

  • Size, Breed, Age, Energy Level.

  • Essential Expenses When Adopting

  • Choosing a wonderful veterinarian

  • Proper Nutrition

  • Previous Animal Experience

  • Puppies vs Adult Dogs. What’s right for you?

  • Senior Dogs. Is it a good fit for me?

  • Choosing the right temperament for our family

  • Adoption, Breeders, Pet Store. What’s the difference, and what questions should you ask?

  • Getting your home ready for the first day.

  • Our emotions and how they can change a dog’s behavior.

  • And my 4 important pillars to sharing your life with a dog.