The Dog's Side Guide To Selecting The "Perfect" Family Dog

The Dog's Side Guide To Selecting The "Perfect" Family Dog


Have you been using Google to learn all you can about what kind of dog to choose, the different breeds, and what age will be best for you?

Are you worried about selecting the right dog to fit into your life?

Do you understand the importance of choosing a dog that will help add joy to both your life and the dog’s life?

All because you want to add a dog to your life that brings happiness, not days spent asking “why did I do this?”

Relief is here: all your questions have been answered in The Dog’s Side Handbook To Selecting The “Perfect” Family Dog. We answer all your most pressing questions and, more importantly, we dive into the questions you haven’t thought of that can lead to years of struggle and frustration.

We cover important life-saving topics like: the best age to choose, exercise routines and energy level, characteristics (like size, breed, hair length, hypoallergenic, etc.), predictable and unpredictable expenses, nutrition, choosing professionals like vets groomers and dog walkers and boarding, avoiding the trap of getting a dog that looks like your previous dog, how fast should you get a dog, deciding if you should foster first, and so much more.

42% of dogs get returned within the first few months after being adopted from a shelter. It's imperative that you find the right dog for your lifestyle, because dogs pay the ultimate price. For a small tax deductible donation you can use our decade of professional experience to help you find, choose, and bring happiness to a wonderful canine companion for your life.

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