Meet Gary Cassera

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Empowering shelter volunteers, workers, and animal-loving humans with the knowledge, tools, and technology to advocate The Dog’s Side of the story so you can pick your perfect doggy soulmate -- your soul mutt!

If we were dogs, we would be smelling each others' butts right now. Since we’re not, let’s get acquainted a different way. I’ll go first. If you are into dogs (I've been working with them 11 years professionally), business, photography, and ramen - we may be soul mates. I'm a strawberry jelly and my wife is a grape, but we make it work. 

I've owned businesses, coached tennis at a professional level, and driven with my dogs around the country at least 6 times. They are really good travelers. They even have a rating on AirBnB. It's tough to get me to wear pants, and I usually have something with sugar on my mind. Where do I spend my time, besides my daycare, the open road, and hanging with my family? Good question! 

Why don't you train anymore?

Training to fix behavior problems doesn't work for me. Socialization, observation, and consequence therapy are the keys to success.

What do your dogs eat?

Wendy Volhard's NDF2 along with 3 supplements. Myrestin, system savor, and the vitamin B powder, long with daily doses of Rick Simpson Oil for cancer prevention and overall body health. Click here to learn more. Full disclosure I am a distributor but wouldn't be if I didn't believe in the product. So if you order mention me :)

How long have you been working with dogs?

11 years professionally, but like most a dog lover my whole life. I have always been fascinated by these majestic creatures.

What is your philosophy?

I hate this questions but, I know everyone wants to know. I analyze the human and the dog. The dog tells the reality of the situation the human tells the story. With these two pieces of information I perform an evaluation on the dog solo and find out how much of the problem is learned and how much of it is genetic. Once I understand the dog I can explain to the owners what the dog needs and what they have done to confuse the dog. Do I use tools like ecollars, choke chains, slip leads, thunder shorts all that stuff - not really. I find tools are physical solutions and most dogs and owners have emotional problems. Misunderstood affection, lack of information, things like that are things I focus on instead of a magic tool to make a fix.

Whats a normal day look like for our family?

Wake up, bathroom, short walk (sometimes), gym - me not dogs, some type of adventure dog park dog friends over or alike, nap, evening on the porch, sleepy time.

Are all the photos on your site yours? Do you do photography.

They are. Hope you enjoy them. I started in photography and videography in December of 2015

Can you help me and my dog?

YES! My passion is to teach humans and dogs how to communicate so they can live a complete life.

What is your newsletter about?

We cover everything from nutrition, behavior, relationships, to business.

Do you offer business coaching?

YES! I offer one on one coaching and an online class. Contact me for details on my one on one program.

Should I work with you?

Yes- if you want to get results. Yes- if you want your business to blossom. Yes- if you will do the work to get to the goal you want.

Should we work together?

Maybe- My clients are searching for peaceful patio dinners with their dogs, fearless visits from friends, relaxed romps at the dog beach. Social pups are my passion and I want my clients to have it too.

Do you do in home consults?

Not really. In home can have some benefits, but most problems owners are facing carry beyond whether I see them in home or not.

Who is your dog walker in LA?

The Dog Hiking Club

Where are the best Dog Supplies in Los Angeles Area?

Rock Dog and Cat.

What's a good resouce for sever agression?

Brandon Fouche

What's the hook-up for accounting services?

Michael Velazquez

Where do I go for Sport Dog Training?

Lindsey Sommer and Michael Ellis.

What's good dog walking for socialization?

The Dog Hiking Club.

Who do I call for an awesome web site and app development?




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