Don't Hate...Create

Have you created something wonderful for the world? An article, maybe a video?

You thought: how can I provide the most value for my peeps?

You took the time to be thoughtful, creative, brave, and honest? And most importantly you had an idea and you executed on it. Good for you! 

Writing, erasing, writing, erasing, finally settling. 

Upload, post, send. Now finally an Exhale....


Ding- Buzz- Ding! 

You get an email response or a notification on social media.

A comment? OMG someone chimed in. 

You log-in fast, scroll the page, and low and behold it's a grumpy, angry comment putting you down about something silly like the lighting, your one hair out of place, a silly grammar error, or that your idea is just stupid and you don't know what you are talking about. :(

"Can you believe they used the wrong their in paragraph 4?" - they write, completely missing the point of the content you worked so hard to create. 

Ever wonder why some people are motivated to say ugly, hateful, or rude things about other people's hard work?

It shocks and saddens me at the same time. 

Why do hater's hate is a question I ask myself frequently.

Here's the deal - it's way easier and less scary for some people to rip someone else down than to actually create something of their own.

When you create something like a newsletter, a new podcast, a live video, you are putting yourself out there in the world to be judged. And SHIT! that is scary. 

Every time I hit send or hit go live I have this feeling in my stomach that says are you sure? For me, it hasn't gotten easier, but the process has happened faster. 

At first you may fear the critics, but soon you start to pity them. I'm gonna lay the smack down here because I always want to be real. It's just me being me, and I really dislike bullies. 

So, what works for me?

First, I listen to the critics. Maybe they are right?

Does what they say hold validity? Does it seem emotional and reactive, or is it built in some truth? Be self aware. 

Is it helpful and helps create conversation? I believe strongly in a few core principles, but my mind is always open to new thinking and new perspectives. Keep an open mind.

Where is the input coming from? Negative, unhelpful comments reassure me that those people are (raw warning) sad, lazy, frustrated, or scared to follow their own passions. Don't let these folks distract you from doing what you enjoy and what your audience needs. . 

It doesn't take much effort to leave a negative, inarticulate, unhelpful comment. It does take a lot of effort emotionally and physically to create something. Focus your energy there, and share your voice wth the world.

We all have the power to create. A cell phone and a free social media account is all you need to start a revolution in something you believe in. 

Follow your gut!

Doggie Bag Of Goodies To Take With You :)

A few days ago, I made this short video, It fueled me to write this article. If you have been thinking of making content, but fear what others will say, this video will help. 

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This weeks vlog. Episode 9. Habits in people that contribute to the behaviors they dislike. You can catch up on all the previous episodes 1 through 8 here. 

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Head Rubs and Belly Scratches.