Why Do I Have This Problem?

Ok, first what you should try is a blue rope (it has to be blue) that we can tie to the back of this water bottle the dog will drag for 2 weeks counter conditioning his self control "place board" work so he can "down" while birds fly over and still be able to sit while we use the e-collar to randomly reinforce his heel. So go take him on the bike for 6 hours right now.

Didn't work.. Oh OK. 

Ok, what you should try NOW is - take this leash, wrap it around your waist, tie it to this drone flying overhead that will automatically distribute frequencies when the onboard infrared system detects when their blood chemistry is at the perfect percentage of adrenaline and seratonin levels. At this direct moment it will then deliver the treat from behind the dog as not to have them make direct eye contact with the stimulating object. . 

That didn't work? You must have a stubborn dog, hmmm.

Ok why don't you try..

I could go on all day long, and if you have a neighbor, a well-meaning Uncle, or are in any social media dog training groups (professional or not), you know what I mean. Everyone offers advice (mostly from their personal story or experience) with far too little knowledge about what the root cause of the problem is. 

Here is an example I share with clients: what if you get a leak in your roof? (Ahhh, I hope it doesn't happen. That would be terrible. But if it did, what do you do first?) Is it best to have the perfect hammer ready, the right sized nails, a new fancy work truck, your well packed lunch, tubes of caulk, or would you find more value in knowing exactly where the problem is coming from before you start banging away recklessly? Those tools may get the job done in the right hands for sure, but in the wrong hands they also may create a giant problem you never had in the first place.

My Advice?

When trying to come up with the solution for your problem, you have to think about a few things:

Why do you have this problem? Dogs react to the reality you create. What's your dog's reality?

Would the dog have this problem if their environment changed? Dogs make a fool out of their owners daily at our place. It's amazing when the environment changes and the dog has a new reality presented, how fast they will chase balance. 

Is this a genetic problem or has it been taught? Have you ever even thought about the problem in that way? Have you ever tested them with some environmental experiments? 

How To Take Action

Take an environment inventory - are your actions moving you toward your intentions? 

We have to admit we create their reality. What we do influences what they do. That's why we have to change first.

Spend some time with your dog. Don't judge, just observe. Be self aware. Do you touch them a lot? Talk to them a lot? Do you create energy? Create lots of physical challenge? Are you practicing avoidance by changing your life for them?

It's easier then you think to connect the dots and find your own answers.

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