Being Confused Is A Great Place To Live

After episode 2 about dog behavior and dog training for obedience, we received lots of questions and feedback. We expected that.  

Many people were excited to hear a new perspective, some felt extremely motivated, others minds were blown, and many (like I was years ago) were feeling a little confused about where exactly to go next.

In my experience, confusion is a great place to be. Confusion means there is endless possibilities for you and what you can learn. Confusion should not be looked at in a bad way, but viewed as a path of endless exploration and open-mindedness to what is possible.

Conclusions are scarier to me. Once a conclusion has been reached, one becomes static and rigid in their beliefs, and has created a limit to what is possible. Conclusion are a place where many people just get tired and stop thinking :) 

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few. Love that quote my friend Teresa shared during our live video. 

Don't be intimidated by being confused, be excited by what you will learn on your journey. 

Here is the link to our latest live video about confusion, helpful tips about what you can do right now to understand your dogs behavior, and some accountability exercises so we make sure we are letting our dogs be as happy as they can be. 

Gary and Artem Talk Dogs Episode 3

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