Corrections, Affection, Training Tools, Obedience, all different ways we interact physically with our dogs...Is it working to change behavior?

Episode 12 is live on youtube!

When we touch and pet our dogs, we are sharing two very powerful emotions with them. Either our weakness or our dominance.

The first time I heard this from my mentor it put many things into perspective for me. Maybe it will for you too? Could your relationship use a rebalance?

When we touch our dogs and tell them good dog, pull on a leash to keep them from acting a fool out on a walk, ask them to sit so they don't run out an open gate, restrain them from getting to the front door (from my experience) owners are often feeling a range of emotions from anger, to frustrated, fearful, weak, anxious, shame, and many other we may not be unaware of in the moment.

We are feeling the opposite of what we should be feeling (leadership) and acting (clear). That's the way dog's understand their environment best.

In dog psychology (their language) when they interact physically in disapproval those interactions have carry over to future choices. There is a great video example at the end here showing in practice physical communication with a mom and her puppies.

That lasting mental change is a very important piece many people miss when assessing if their behavior modification program is working. Is it getting better? Is it the same? Is it getting worse? Those are the only options. It doesn't stay the same.

Artem and I discuss in episode 12 how our physical interactions with our dogs makes them more resistant and avoidant to our behavior modification attempts. If what we do isn't clear, adds frustration, and adds stress why wouldn't a dog decide to take matters in their own paws?

Survival is, after all, about preserving and protecting one's self. So if the environment isn't set up for a dog's success, can't we sympothize why they aren't getting the lessons we are trying to teach?

Let's dig in!

Head Rubs and Belly Rubs


P.S Here is a great example of physical interactions with dogs and the lasting result. No treats. No, I'm sorry, just what's best for the puppies. No emotion just facts. :)

P.S.S Gary and Artem Talk Dogs Live Playlist

Gary Cassera