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The Soul Roll is a human stunt to help canine mutts. On August 27th, 2018, I will set out on 500 mile skateboard ride from San Francisco to L.A. with one mission in mind: to use my skateboard to create a scene, make an impact, get attention for the cause, and generate buzz and raise funds for the Soul Mutt App. I’ll be making pit stops at shelters, educational events, doggy meetups, interviewing dog owners, and whatever else my eclectic mind can conjure up!  

But the Soul Roll is way more than just a stunt. It’s about educating people, shelters, rescue and adoption agencies on how creating good content visually and writing animal descriptions that are positive and shareable can raise the permanent adoption rate of their animals and increase the quality of the dog’s lives. It’s about going around making good images, finding beta users, sharing the doggie transformations with you, and hopefully get some mutts adopted into their right home in the process.

I created the Soul Roll because I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to connect with people, one on one, who are doing the actual work of finding these dogs a home. I wanted to show them what the app can do for the animals in their shelters as well as have conversations about what they need and lack so I can build the best version of the Soul Mutt app for them -- all from my skateboard!

To learn more about the Soul Mutt app, where 100% of the pledges from the Soul Roll will go, click here

Keep reading to find out other ways you can get in on the fun!


Who Does it Benefit?

Soul Mutt Foundation 501(c)(3). 

What is the Event?

The Soul Roll for Mutts is a 500-mile electric skateboard ride fundraiser. Stops at shelters, educational events, doggy meet-ups, interviews with dog owners, and much more are all planned during the event.

Where is it? 

From San Fransisco to Los Angeles. Up the coast on Route 1, along the 5 and whereever the adventure takes us!. 

When is it? 

Starts August 27th, 2018

What we need help with & how can you get involved. 

  • Make a tax-deductible Soul Roll pledge here (Seriously, this is the best and easiest way to support the Roll and the cause. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the development and getting the Soul Mutt app into the agency’s hands!)
  • Donate Supplies and Auction Items
  • Shares on social media. This is huge! 
  • Lodging during the trip. I have a small RV. Can we crash? 
  • Locations/Space for in-person meet-ups or photoshoots.
  • Alerting Shelters and Rescues what we are doing. We would love to meet them and help them get dogs adopted.

Have an idea? 

Contact No offering or idea is to small. These kinds of stunts take a village. 

All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations. 



 Amazing Sponsors and Product Donors For The Ride