2 Of The Most Skittish Dogs I've Seen, Saved From Romania.

Working with fearful, shy, and skittish dogs is one of my favorite things in the universe.This may sound crazy, but I love it as much as Ramen. I know. Yeah - that much.I love watching that moment when they take a deep breath, look around, and realize they are understood and most importantly safe to be themselves. Wow!

Heffa and Graham were two recent visitors with "the fear." These poor guys were removed early from their parents in Romania and flown over to

America. Could you imagine?

When they landed in LA they were both adopted by their wonderful families fast. This was Heffa's second time with me. It was a much different experience for him having his brother here. I learned a lot about him and how he views his world. That's what tells me exactly what they need to move into a less stressful mental space.

I'll let the video do all the talking. These guys are handsome so, be prepared :)

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