Does An Explosive Nervous System induce Fear In You? Franky's Story

She could have been another one. 

Yup, that little smooshed faced angel sleeping in the photo above could have been another misunderstood victim of their owner’s best intentions. 

Meet Franky "The Face.”

If you watch my Instagram stories you will see Franky and dogs just like her helping other pups that were just like them just a short while ago. Franky and some of her friends went from a looming, impending doom in the shelter system, to free beings who are now understood and allowed to be themselves. Bonus: now she has a kick-ass condo in a swanky part of LA. :) She has a pool now. 

Franky was a lucky one. Even though her previous owners gave up and dropped her off at the shelter, her second family (Mom Trish and little brother Mr. "Willy T") wouldn't let her fail. Believe me, it wasn't easy, but they weren't taking “sit” as the answer. :)

When I hear stories like this it always amazes me what made Trish different. What made her continue to search even after she was made to believe all her problems would be solved by asking Franky to do things that she already knew how to do? Franky could lie down fine in her bed, but Trish couldn't walk her without getting bruised or falling down.

Franky don't eat the cat! 

Sit, I mean leave it! Bad dog! 

Leave it! Down stay! 

Did I get them all? Oh no, that's right, I forgot PLACE. Because we all carry our place beds out on a walk, right? You should see my client's triceps and biceps. ;-)

After years of watching these sit-down-stay “solutions,” I see more and more how it's not working for a lot of people, just like Franky and her family. In this weeks Latest Vlog, I'll discuss why man-made devices –when taught improperly – actually increase stress for dogs, and if you don't understand their nervous system (genetics) you will struggle forever with leash walking. That's what was happening with Franky. I might bash PetSmart a little bit in the vlog, too. 

What else happened that I can share with you this week? I did a fun video reviewing a brush I just discovered. The dogs really love it, and it really, really works well.  I added an Amazon link here in case you wanted to purchase it.

I also released a new podcast with special guest...Sarah Vonbargen – the creator of the Internet, basically. ☺ We discussed marketing on zero budget, and the power of consistency in your business content. Sarah talks about why it’s all a numbers game.

I put out this video recently to save you a bunch of dolla dolla bills. Hopefully it helps ya. It's a question I wish more people were asking before they spend money on their education. 

Here are the top 3 apps I use daily to edit my photos for social media (like Franky!) 
1- Snap Seed - free and really all you need. 
2- Retouch - 1.99. It's great for removing leashes and other objects.
3- Enlight - $3.99

Head rubs and belly scratches.