How Do I Keep My Dogs Healthy?

A question I get frequently from friends, clients, and other professionals is  - "In this crazy corporate world, what the hell do you feed your dogs?"

Tell me about it. I've been through kibble from Trader Joe’s to more expensive kibbles like Orijen. I tried cooking for my dogs. I researched different dehydrated and raw foods. On and on and on…
Finally I felt like we were in a good place. The dogs seemed healthy. Then, about 4 years ago, I watched an interesting documentary about the alarming things going on in the pet food industry.

It made me ask myself: what are my dogs eating? 

Around that time I learned about a smart lady named Wendy Volhard and her dedication to animal nutrition and her long lineage in the dog training world.

Her journey started first with her own dogs. Then she went on to help her local police force who were struggling with health issues with their K9 officers. She eventually developed what I believe is the best formula of pet nutrition available.

For the last 4 years, we have been proudly and confidently feeding our dogs the Volhard NDF 2 formula food, twice a day. Every ingredient - EVERY INGREDIENT! - is documented, researched, and confirmed for its quality and origin. All this for the benefit of the dogs, not the company’s bottom line. 

Since I’ve gotten to know Wendy, she’s taught me a lot. I do not endorse or sponsor anything I wouldn't use myself or firmly believe in. Wendy has been a blessing to the health of our family and we appreciate her hard work and dedication. 

For the past 3 years, I have been a distributor for Volhard Dog Nutrition because I believe that strongly in it. If you decide to purchase, let them know I sent you during checkout and they will take great care of you. 

If you have any questions, hit reply and ask away. I'm passionate about this food. 

I'd also love to know what you are feeding and why.

Now let’s dig into the latest episode in my ongoing video series showcasing the dog’s side opening on Lily enjoying her breakfast. .

First, my apologies - I was learning to use Instagram at the time of recording, so a few of the videos didn't load and their may be a small gap between some of my thoughts. Knowing me well enough by now you probably can guess what I was saying. ☺ 

In the episode you will learn these 2 things:

1. Where to start focusing your attention when you see problems with your dogs. Don't focus on just stopping the symptoms, look deeper. 

2- Solving for Happy. It made me think about something a mentor once said to me: people struggle to help their dogs because they don't want to see the problem. They wish the problem didn't exist. When you can't be present in the moment, you won't be much help. It's impossible to live in the future or the past so stay safe and stay present. 

What else is happening?

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