Could You Bite A Puppy? I Might Be Guilty

Isn't puppy breath the best!? 

This is the one place I feel really comfortable saying that.

I saw a puppy today.

I wanted to eat it.

I didn't. 

It's safe. At least For Today. :)


VLOG #2 is out for your viewing pleasure! Here is the private link to access it.  

I received lots of question about Luna from Episode 1. Don't worry Luna is in many episodes coming up. Dogs like Luna are the reason why I wanted to start this series. It's a consistent documentation of what works for me. Not a how to by any means. My plan is to share my experiences.

As you may have noticed, I do things very different then what you probably see. That's because I don't do stitches. I only do surgeries. Meaning treating symptoms is what most trainers focus on (leash reactivity, charging the front door), for me I look at why the dog is even having that symptom. How were the behaviors learned by what the humans have been doing to confuse the poor dog. Lastly how do their genetics play a part in this whole mess.

As a dog mentor said to me once, "Nature had a plan for those animals before humans interfered." 

That's what I am focusing on. Who is this dog now, and who would this dog have been without the confusion of the human world. 

Pretty simple. I Observe, Remember, Compare. 

If anyone needs me just hit reply. 

Be well-


P.S. Here is the link to VLOG #1 if you missed it, or are a little late to the party. I'm from LA, late is cool. Don't sweat it :)