Introduction To Canine Social Club LA


I couldn't help it! I've been on a ranch the last few days, so I felt it was appropriate :) I can't wait to share more of that adventure with you soon.

So, a few weeks ago I sent out a video to you. If you missed it you may enjoy it especially if you despise door charging dogs, like I do. It's one of my pet peeves.

By the feedback I received, it seems folks really enjoyed it. Thanks everyone who responded with a comment or a question. It guides everything I do. 

The next video I want to share is a behind the scenes video of Luna's first day! 

Luna has fear with humans which causes her to move forward. That is the opposite of what fear should do naturally, right?

Luna has made great strides with me in the last few visits. Seeking interactions, following and showing trust when she's unsure, and most importantly she's left my poor legs alone :)

Follow along as I explain why that's been her choice, and how I kept my shins safe.  

Here is day 1 with Luna aka  "Luna Butt"

Head Rubs and Belly Scratches


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