Solving For Happy. Is It A Math Problem?

Fun Announcement!!

I have a happy dance, and I'm not afraid to use it. You can use your imagination of what it looks like. :)  

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Back to business now -

A few weeks ago while talking with my friend Peter, a professional comedian for the last 30 years, he alerted me to a video someone shared with him.

He asked: Have you ever heard of the algorithm for happiness

Because Peter is a comedian, I’m always on guard for a joke so I answered hesitantly that I hadn’t heard of it.

He replied: How about the book Solve for Happy?

I hadn’t heard of that one, either. He brought me over to his king-sized dining room table where I often catch him working on his latest set or managing his pet store empire. 

He sat down, flipped open his MAC, and went where we all go to find the most cutting-edge info about subjects we know nothing about... YOUTUBE of course!

From the moment Mr. Mo Gawdat spoke I felt his calm and confident energy relaxing and inviting. His complete dedication and passion for his project to make 10 million people happy is admirable. Can you imagine?

What a selfless goal!

What would it feel like in the world if 10 million people were happier? We would all see great benefits.

In his speech, two things spoke to me: 1- We never live in the past or the future. Only in that moment. So are you feeling in the moment with your dog? Where is your brain and where is their brain? A good friend of mine (she is definitely reading this right now:)) had a situation recently that brought this to her attention. While working with another friend’s naughty dog she said: "I felt this total detachment from judgment." I was able to feel what the dog needed. She went home, applied that shit with her dog, and BAM - like magic - she has seen more and more how she has the power to do it when we stay in the moment with the dog. 

2- The only thing we have control over in this world is our ATTITUDE and our ACTIONS. I have repeated that so many times in my life. In a previous life I worked with some of the best juniors in the US as a tennis coach for our United States Tennis Association's High Performance Tennis Program. It’s total nerd level tennis, but the commitment and self-awareness needed to compete at that level is an eye opening thing to be around. It’s a constant reminder of being able to stay in the moment and detaching from the outcome. Just try really hard, learn, and go back again. You have to love the process because the riches aren't always going to be there. 

If you watch the video, I'd love to hear what you think. 

If you find this video helpful or thought-provoking, please feel free to share this with someone you care about. I want to assist Mr. Gawadt’s in his plan to make 10 million people happy. 

Bottom line: the more happiness and joy we wish for others in turn affects us as we go about our lives interacting with each other. We all need compassion. We are all fighting our own war other's know nothing about. :)

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