Our Mission

Soul Mutt Foundation is a 501c3 organization that empowers rescue groups and shelters with the knowledge, tools, and technology to pair the right dog with their “soul mate” human the first time. We know social media is key in spreading the word about pet adoptions. We know that the odds of a pet getting adopted often depend on how many shares, views, and likes these posts receive. 
But we also know that how most organizations are doing it -- tugging at the heartstrings or including urgent (and even tragic) information about the pet -- on social media platforms isn’t working. Because these kinds of posts cause many well-meaning humans to adopt out of guilt or urgency, rather than making an informed decision about which pet is the right fit for their lifestyle, household, and family. 
On the dog’s side, these impulse adoption decisions often results in many pets being returned to shelters, causing dangerous overflow and a “mark” on that pet’s behavior record that makes it more difficult to find a new owner willing to adopt. 
We want to change that. 
At Soul Mutt we believe that long-lasting change begins at the source which is why we are committed to creating the Soul Mutt app which helps shelter and rescue workers create positive, uplifting, and shareable ads for the animals they have up for adoption -- little to no tech savvy required! With our app, volunteers and workers will learn to snap better photos and use one of our fun made-just-for-dogs templates, filters, and stickers to communicate the true personality of the pet. Within minutes of creating their masterpiece, they can upload and share the ad online. 
And it won’t cost these agencies a dime. 
Soul Mutt is currently funded by 100% of the product sales from our sister site, The Dog Side, corporate sponsorships, one-of-kind eclectic events and stunts by our founder and CEO Gary Cassera (see the upcoming Soul Roll), and people just like you!
Every donation is tax deductible. Every cent goes directly to the dog’s house and helps us get one step closer to making sure that every shelter dog not only finds their forever home, but lives in the right home for them -- and you! 



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