The Dog's Side Guide: Making It As Professional Dog Walker

The Dog's Side Guide: Making It As Professional Dog Walker


Starting a dog walking business can be an exciting time, but for some the thought of making it a full time career can be a bit overwhelming. 

What do I do First?

How do I get clients?

Do I need insurance? What kind?

Can I actually make a living as a dog walker?

Don’t worry YES YOU CAN, and I have all the answers to your questions and more in my detailed step by step digital e-book.

With 12 years of experience working with dogs and their humans, I can attest, I have made most if not all the errors one could make when I started out, and I want to help you avoid them. 

After you complete this digital guide you will thankful for the time and money saved while beginning an exciting time in your career.

I’ve included legal contracts, customer intake forms, detailed steps to research competition to price yourself right, and most importantly understanding the different business models and services to offer - which is something a lot of professionals struggle with.

I cover the correct types of insurances and share some reputable companies that cover the various services pet professionals offer.


Gary’s guide was a life saver when I started my dog walking business in Virginia. I had heard many other dog walkers complain about burnt out and I didn’t want to be them. I love animals so much. After completing the book it was clear to me why some professionals felt that way, and I felt confident that I could avoid that by following the clear path Gary had laid out. Marcy

So many people told me walking dogs was not a real job. Can you even make money doing that, they said. Well I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them and found Gary’s e-book. He explains in detail how to setup your business with the state and IRS and on and on step by step. I used his guide to research my competition so I could view the services offered in my area and price myself right to start making money right away. I learned so much and it is a resource I go back to often. Dan

I’ve been a volunteer at my local shelter on and off now for 5 years. I always thought I could walk dogs and make extra money, but I never took the leap. My friend Shannon told me about Gary and his e-book and I was intrigued. Wow the detail he put into this book left no questions to be asked or excuses to be made. On average I’m walking part time 15 to 25 hours a week and the extra income for my family has made a huge different. I actually get to see a lot of the dogs I worked with at the shelter too. Once the shelter found out I started my business they have been so kind to refer me to many new adopters and that makes my heart feel good getting to see many of the pups I saw weekly. Joanna

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