Does Your Dog Charge The Front Door? It's One Of My Big Pet Peeves.

So if you had time to check out my last article  I mentioned I will be sending out videos from time to time. If you aren't into them feel free to delete the email and look for my next article. Which I'm excited about.

The videos will not be "how to" blah blah blah videos, they will be a behind the scenes look into my daycare Canine Social Club LA. Organizing play groups, working with dogs who struggle socially, what equipment we use to keep it safe. I will share it all.

This video is a shorter one. Being pushy around doors can create a challenge for everyday life, and is generally annoying to me.

If I go near a door should my dog be going there too? 

What are they thinking? Challenging for space, adventure time, lets go bark at the neighbors dog - he is a jerk :).

Here is a little video on how I keep the dogs on their toes and why our dogs are tired from thinking all day.

This video is private so you are the only people in the world that can view it. This is the type of exclusivity I want to bring to my communication with you here. 

Here is the video

Head rubs and tail wags